Dubai Police Transforms Non-Emergency Communications with Avaya and Connect IT

Dubai Fire Engines

Citizens, residents and visitors to Dubai will soon be able to access non-emergency Dubai Police services via the 901 toll-free number, with one point of contact for voice and social media interactions.


Along with Connect IT, Avaya is delivering a customer experience transformation project for Dubai Police, by upgrading the force to the latest Avaya Aura communications platform.

“This communications upgrade will allow us to serve the public better and make Dubai a safer, happier environment. By combining non-emergency services under the 901 number, residents and visitors will be able to contact Dubai Police more easily, and by adding social media support, we can speed up response times and make services even more accessible,” said Major Engineer Obaid Salem Bin Ghelaita of Dubai Police. Indeed, Using Avaya Aura, the project will unify all Dubai Police branches, and deliver voice, video, data, and web communications applications and services to officers and other employees, whether they are office-based or patrolling the streets. The new communications system will provide Dubai Police staff with the ability to conference, share and view video, as well as use other collaboration tools.


A Journey of Discovery

Avaya and Connect It are proud to be working on shaping this new modern and digital world . As Mohammed Areff, vice president, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Avaya said, “Dubai has repeatedly shown the way that Government can drive an innovation agenda. Departments such as Dubai Police have consistently been at the forefront of adopting advanced technologies with a view to improving their own service capabilities. This customer experience transformation project will provide new governance models for a modern, digital world, and we are proud to work with them in realizing this vision.”

Ramzi Abi Saleh, Country Manager of Connect IT added: “This new communications platform will enable Dubai Police to handle non-emergency calls with unprecedented efficiency, and ensure superior customer experiences every time. Working on this project with Dubai Police and Avaya has been a journey of discovery about what can be achieved when everybody is aligned on the same objectives – to deliver outstanding results and make Dubai a happier place to live.”


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